Boatshell – Monster Hunter Rise Guide

A Boatshell is an item in Monster Hunter Rise needed to unlock the second submarine at The Argosy. This page covers how to find Boatshells in Monster Hunter

How does Hunter Connect work in Monster Hunter Rise? モンハンライズ

Welcome Hunters, today we go to explain all the settings in Hunter Connect, so you can play with your friends without the hassle of IDs.

0:00​ – Introduction
0:24 – Easiest way
0:55 – Auto Invite
1:19 – Join Lobby
2:05 – manual Invite
2:35 – Outro and thanks

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Everything you NEED TO KNOW about the BUDDY system ► Monster Hunter Rise

This is a complete guide about everything you need to know about the buddy system and your buddies in the game Monster Hunter Rise. Which do you prefer more, palamute or palico?
Playlist ►

0:00 Intro
0:15 Buddy Board
1:52 Buddy Smithy for Buddy Weapon & Armors
2:49 Buddy Area
2:57 Buddy Scout Hiring New Buddies
3:47 Buddy Expert and Dojo Training
4:53 Meowcenaries Buddy Item Farming
6:16 Do Cohoot’s Nest every time you do Meowcenaries
6:46 Argosy, Buddy Submarine Item Farming
8:24 Conclusion

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Where To Get Dragonhusk Shards In Monster Hunter Rise

Hey everyone in this guide we’ll be showing you where you can get the Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise, if the guide helps please consider dropping a like and subscribing for more guides!

Where to get Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise

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