Northwatch Keep – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

The Northwatch Keep is a fort located in North Western Skyrim. You can find it by traveling far West from

Skyrim: Northwatch Keep Assault

This is just a quick and fun run-through of the Northwatch Keep portion of the Missing in Action Quest to save Thorald from game Skyrim. On the hero’s side we have Avulstein Gray-Mane, Serana, Geirlund, Jenassa, Vidrald, and even Barbas the dog. Spoiler alert: things don’t look good for the Thalmor’s future skulduggery!

Skyrim Discovered – HAAFINGAR, All Map Markers Run – Part 1, Northwatch Keep

A challenge run to discover and clear every map marker in the Haafingar hold of Skyrim.

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Skyrim “Missing in Action” – Peaceful Diplomacy (HD)


(Addendum: In response to inquiries about how to start this quest, I am including a link to the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages wiki article about it.

This is part of my series showing many different ways of rescuing Thorald as part of the “Missing in Action” side quest. This one is actually the trickiest because a glitch in the game prevents the player from obtaining the letter from General Tullius and triggering the proper dialogue checks from both Tullius and the Thalmor guard at Northwatch Keep. Since Bethesda stubbornly refuses to fix this mission in any of the patches, the only way to complete the rescue diplomatically is by downloading a mod for the PC version of the game. Sorry, console kids, but you’ll need a real gaming machine to make this one work.

I’m generally not much of a modder — not because I have some sort of issue with modding, but just because I prefer not to. In this case, since there is an option to finish the mission diplomatically and since it cannot be completed because of the glitch, I decided to use a mod so I could show every possible method of rescuing Thorald.

First, download the mod at this link ( and follow the directions given for its installation. Note that this mod only changes this quest and does not affect any other part of the game in any way. All the mod does is add the missing dialogue checks to Tullius and the Thalmor guard and add the missing letter from Tullius requesting release of Thorald from the Thalmor. Also note that you must become a member of the Imperial faction by joining the Imperial Legion for this to work. If you sided with the bigoted, xenophobic, isolationist, nearsighted Stormcloaks, then you will just have to fight your way into Northwatch regardless. Serves you right.

Next go to Castle Dour in Solitude, the Skyrim headquarters of the Imperial Legion. Engage General Tullius in dialogue and choose the option about releasing a prisoner from Thalmor custody. Tullius will reluctantly give you a letter ordering the release.

Leave Castle Dour and go to Northwatch Keep. Engage in dialogue with the guard at the front gate. When he snobbishly tries to put you off, show him the order and he will escort you to the dungeon and Thorald will be delivered to your custody. Go back out the front door the way you came in. None of the Thalmor will attack either of you as long as you do not initiate hostilities.

Since I was playing the part of the diplomat in this mission, I chose to wear some fancy clothes instead of my usual armor and weapons. In retrospect, it would’ve added a nice touch if I had collected a few followers – a warrior and a mage, perhaps – to act as my escorts. Since I didn’t try it, though, I’m not sure how they would’ve reacted to the Thalmor.

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