Quests – Divinity: Original Sin II Guide

This page is dedicated to the many, many Quests found within Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin 2 (DOS2) Max XP Guide: Fort Joy Preescape Part 1 36125

3300xp Prologue
200xp Beach Void
900xp Elodi
500xp Discover Tunnel
750xp Doctor (Need alcohol and 2nd party with restore)
725xp Discover Wither (Need 12 wit)
1200xp Free Wither (Need 12 str)
600xp Discover Dungeon
75xp Verdas
2200xp Emmi (Need petpal and meat and talk to buddy)
800xp Discover Birdie
1000xp Free Birdie
1400xp Save Birdie (fin “14” Lowest I tried and Passed)
800xp Discover Soul Jar
1400xp Destroy Soul Jar
800xp Discover Orivald Room
5000xp Deathfog Orivald
300xp Discover Arena
1600xp Arena
3425xp Arena Spectators
250xp Orange
1450xp Griff’s Quest
850xp Amyro’s Quest
1000xp Silence
600xp Talk To Stingtail
500xp Stingtail
250xp Doctor
250xp Saam
250xp Baldor
600xp Narin
750xp Card Game
600xp Yarrow’s Quest
800xp Yarrow
1000xp Migo

Divinity Original Sin 2, Quest Withermoore’s Soul Jar 5600 Xp Walkthrough

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Beginner’s Guide for all the things that you might need to get you going early on in the game. This Guide is focused on the Tutorial, Character Creation and Fort Joy, but not later than that. Please see our Getting Started Guide on YouTube for more information if you are still having trouble.
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0:00 – DOS 2 Beginner’s Guide
0:33 – Character Creation
1:11 – Armour and Crowd Control
2:17 – Skills and Archtypes
7:46 – Trainers, Companions and Quest
8:27 – General Tips

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