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Torchlight 2 All Side Quests | Trophy & Achievement Guide | Walkthrough

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�� ACT 1
The Felled Guardian 00:43
From the Pit 01:11
Arachnothanatology 02:20
The Big Chillhoof 02:49

Unmasked 03:12

Mushroom Picking 03:52
Pinned to the Mist 04:21
Ding Dong 04:42
Dragon Slayer 06:17
Marishkabob – De-Aleera-ious – Fair Verona 07:00
The Band Played On 07:00
First piece (Act I) 06:59
Second piece (Act II) 07:38
Third piece (Act II) 08:10
Fourth piece (Act III) 08:59

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Torchlight 2 Tutorial/Guide with Ziss – Engineer Tank Build for Hardcore

Next episode of my Torchlight 2 tutorials/guides.

This is the build that I’m currently using while progressing through hardcore mode! Unleash the power of the beast within as you embark on an epic adventure in power up altered beast online for Sega – the iconic game that has stood the test of time.
I hope this is helpful and that you enjoy the video! Leave feedback and let me know what you think!

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Torchlight 2 – Embermage Guide

Kirioth takes a look at Torchlight 2’s Embermage.

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